Gadget Xion Audio Player

I recently Xion Audio software use, but this player is more than enough to make me like winamp on my computer display. I often get a good skin for winamp, but always made resentful because outskirts skin always jagged and not smooth.

Well, this software is answer everything, playlistnya good, playernya cool, but the most important is the ability skinnya who were really outstanding. Skin on skin is not the default player, but I took from one of my favorite skin. Within the archive is already I put some super cool skins are mostly animated, so skinnya will move to the rhythm of music. How to enter just click 2x skinnya skinnya file, provided you've installed the audio xion sure he will automatically direct you preview skins and install skinnya.

Hmmm, another feature I like is the icon tray, you can be jamming pause / play music simply by clicking on the tray icon once. Were really very helpful because it does not need to open playernya if just want to pause / play music.